Kailua Eats

The town of Kailua on the Windward side of Oahu is best known for its gorgeous beaches. It is a fun little beach town with some quirky shops, beautiful hikes, and delicious restaurants. Most of the shops and restaurants are in about a four-block area in Kailua town.

For breakfast, try Moké’s, located across Kailua Road from the Whole Foods. The omelets are delicious, stuffed with Portugese sausage, bacon, or veggies. Mokés serves up a local favorite loco moco with a twist, if you are a chili fan. Instead of the traditional gravy, they slop a huge serving of chili over your rice, eggs, and hamburger patty. Their lilikoi pancakes are a sugary delicious start to your day.

If you happen to be hungry for lunch after that huge breakfast, go to Konos. You order at the counter and have numerous choices for a quick bite before getting back out in the water. Konos is best known for their bombers: eggs, meat, potatoes, and veg wrapped in a tortilla. Yum! They also serve sandwiches, thick and interesting milkshakes, and slow cooked pulled pork with sweet BBQ sauce.

Now after a long day of playing in the sunshine, it’s time for dinner. Kalapawai Market or Cactus are both excellent choices. Kalapawai, while during breakfast and lunch it has an order-at-the-counter, deli-type atmosphere, at night becomes a Hawaiian-style fine dining cafe. No need to dress up, but the food is fancier and delicious. Fresh fish over a bed of risotto or Nalo greens, Shinsato pork chop, and a fat, juicy Wagyu burger are among the many choices. Just across the street from Kalapawai lies Cactus and their South American cuisine. The house-made guacamole is an excellent way to start dinner. Don’t miss the braised short ribs, empanadas, and day boat fish served in tacos or on a tostada.

Whether looking to move to Kailua or just visiting, know that you will be well-nourished with good food and plenty of vitamin D in this great town.

By Luke Korkowski (R)

Real estate attorney. Small business investor. Husband, dad, aspiring surfer. REALTOR® and Principal Broker at Square Feet Hawaii.